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26 Jul 2024
6 p.m. Friday July 26th, 2024
Nice variety of items this time Longaberger baskets, small chest deep freezer, pie safe, sectional, washer &dryer , Pyrex, collectibles and much more.
Personal Property
at Rea, MO
Andrew County Auction Center

Andrew County Auction Service, LLC

Matt Donahoo, Auctioneer

Auction House: 816.526.2024
Cell: 816.390.6610
Email: [email protected]

375 Bean St, Rea, Missouri;
3 blocks south of the Post Office.

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In 2002, the Auction Center was expanded to accommodate the growing needs of the business. Our climate controlled facility, with rest rooms, and food service holds a larger auction floor, more seating and storage space for future auctions.